Jan 16, 2011
Hi, I am new here; I bought a pan digital E-reader few days ago, and flash it with, the unit is keep on and off with “cruz” screen.
Is there any way to fix the problem? Thank you.


Senior Member
Dec 8, 2010
If this is a Pandigital Novel, sounds like you're stuck in a loop. Head on over to They have a huge support forum for the PDN. One for white and one for black models. you might be able to pull the battery connection, but you have to learn how to open the back. It's not hard, Just know that it slides down with a very thin card put into the crack and slide it across to disengage the clips. It use to have double sided sticky tape that kept it from sliding without fighting with it. You really need to push with your thumbs to get it started. Then the battery cable is not easy to pull out. I only had one half out but it was enough to stop power.
Good luck! Just know you might void your warranty.