TabletConnect's Official Review: Velocity Micro Cruz T408


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Aug 4, 2010
Overall, Velocity Micro has produced a decent tablet although the specs are really last year's. If this exact tablet was launched last year instead of this year, Velocity Micro would have made a name for itself. However, it failed at introducing a decent tablet last year. The T408 can be found for $199 so its a decent price. Initially Velocity Micro was going to launch the T408 for $249 but was smart enough to lower it to $199. So what are the strengths: 1) excellent GPU that should handle majority of current 3D based games and video rendering; 2) $199 price tag; and 3) larger 8” screen that still offers a very mobile tablet. As for the negatives: 1) long delay in re-establishing WiFi connection after been awaken from sleep; 2) poor screen resolution (800x600); 3) highly glossy cheap plastic-looking bezels; 4) poor battery life and 5) unable to play HD AVI and MOV videos natively. Negatives outweigh the positives. If Velocity Micro would have launched this tablet a few months, it would be more desirable. However with the Kindle Fire and Nook Color 2 around the corner, the T408 may not have a place unless the price drops to $150. At that price point, it is worth a look.

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