Tech specs wishlist


Aug 8, 2010
I was wondering what you guys want in your dream/future android tablet!
Here's my simple (but amazing) list:
OS: froyo and above And another optional Linux dual boot if possible like the wetab.
CPU: Nvidia tegra 2 or Intel atom N450 - Z560 or atleast 1.66 ghz Or an Intel Moorestown
Battery: atleast 6 hrs or 2500 mah+
Video playback: 1080 p
RAM: 2 gb +
onboard storage: removable 32 gb +
Screen Res: 1280 x 720 or a pixel qi screen would be great
Screen size: 7 - 10 inch (don't need an ICD Vega on my hands)
USB: 2 ports +
My needs are filled by the Wetab or Adam but not sure of the wetab will be out for international release. Love to hear from you guys
Oh yeah a 3 axis accelerometer
Front Facing Camera VGA - 1.3 mp+

And all that other jazz that we are so accustomed to seeing when we read tech specs involving android like a Capacitive touch screen
How about :
Builtin 3G /SIM for outdoor connectivity
Battery should be detachable
SOLAR chargeable!!
That would be a plus but a costly plus for paying for monthly data and usually the 3G models cost more.
Haha solar battery and removeable? Seems alittle too in the future :/ it would be great features though.