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Oct 27, 2011
Hi! I'm completely new to Android and next week I get my first tablet (Asus Transformer). I have an idea what kind of apps I want to install, but I don't know which ones to choose. So I turn to you guys.

Which are THE BEST apps from the following fields? What are your experiences, do you know any such apps?

Web browser - that enables easy usage of tabs. It would also be nice if it had buttons by the side (and not on top or at the bottom) of the screen

Bookmark organizing app - that can group, search and manage bookmarks (since I'll probably have a lot of them)

Keyboard app - for the fastest typing

Handwriting recognition app - the best one for text input

Speech recognition app - the best one for text input

Notes and tasks organizer - the one with most practical user interface

Mind mapping app - with the best interactive experience? I've already searched the web for such app, but I couldn't find one that was

Sketching app - to use with stylus. I need FULL CONTROL over size, roundness, hardness, smoothing (etc.) of the brush. I need the best app out there, although I don't need any colors - black and write are enough.

Photo editing app - best. I think I know the answer for this one - it's Photoshop Express, right?

Please post if you have experiences with any one of such apps - any help would be greatly appreciated!:)


Dec 30, 2010
Hey man, I don't know have recommendations for all the apps you are looking for but here are the best apps I've found.

Web browser - Dolphin HD is great, has tabs and a bunch of plugins (extensions) to customize your browsing experience.
Personally though I mostly use Opera Mobile. It doesn't have tabs (uses windows instead, I personally don't see a difference between the two) but it is a very smooth, fast and clean browsing experience. I suggest trying both and seeing what you prefer.

Keyboard app
- I've been using Thumb Keyboard for a while now and I love it.
I've heard a lot of good things about Swiftkey as well, but it is more money and I haven't tried it.

Notes and tasks organizer
-for notes and stuff I use Springpad. All of your notes sync to an online account so you can access your notes anywhere. Notes can be tasks, products, webpages, photos, audio, etc.

Sketching app
- You definitely want Sketchbook Pro. Very full featured for a tablet app. Fair warning though, drawing with a capacitive screen does have it's limitations, don't expect it to feel like drawing with a normal pencil or pen, or a Wacom Tablet. Stylus for capacitive screens are fat, flat rubber nubs so it can be challenging doing detailed work. That said this app has all the features you are looking for.
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