Unable to encrypt tablet for exchange email.

Apr 19, 2012
Hi ,
I'm new to to Android tablets although I have used an android phone for 6 months,

I am trying to install exchange server e-mail - this requires that I encrypt my tablet.
Fully charged and connected .Encrypt tablet botton pressed -Little green droid comes on screen and then nothing else happens . Have left it in this state overnight as it says encrypting can take over an hour, still nothing --can anyone help.
I have the same exchange mail on my HTC wildfire - no problem.Other wise happy with the product

Details below -

Zenithink ZT280 C91+ - 10.2 inch capacitive touch Android 4.0 Tablet PC with camera CORTEX A9 8GB C91+ (flash supported, video chat)
Model No --ZT ICS
Android version-- 4.0.03
Kernel version -- 2.6.34 root@atp-desktop#1478
Build number--f04ref-eng 4.0.3 ICS.f04ref.20120204 eng.root.20120204.165424 test keys
Device Serial Number-1204160327N00306

Have also attached screenshot from Quadrant standard edition system information
further info there is a file ZT282_H3_1a_1GB_C91_Android4.0_0327_V1.16.txt which has 0 bytes

Hope you can help as this is otherwise an excellent product $Tablet spec Screenshot_2012-04-23-22-33-16.png
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