Very confused... Panimage/Pandigital???


Jan 1, 2012
I went to my local canadian XS cargo and purchased a remanufactured android tablet.
On the box the brand states that it is PanImage. In the picture on the box it says pandigital?
Also on the front and back of the actual tablet it says pandigital.

Im really confused with this thing. I checked on the pandigital website hoping for a firmware upgrade and the model number (of there novel) wont match mine so theres no upgrade.
Ive tried to flash a rom/update to it for a pandigital 7" black novel. I was not successfull as i held the the correct buttons to flash it and with basicly no luck, the flash screen pops up
(about 3 lines of words i cant read what they say fast enough) with a blue bar at the bottom. it didnt flash and it just rebooted into normal android. under the blue bar for a quick second it says mounting partitions, or sometimes it gets to verififying update then boots normally

The box:
$front box.jpg

Model Number on the box:
$model number on box.jpg

Front of the tablet:
$tablet front.jpg
Back of the tablet:
$back of tablet.jpg

$system info.jpg

Any help with flashing a rom on this thing or what it is would be GREATLY apprechiated
Your tablet is indeed a Pandigital Novel, made by Pandigital.
When a new Pandigital brand tablet is returned to a store, it is sent back to the manufacturer, "debugged" and refurbished/remanufactured then sold at a lower price.
All remanufacture/refurbished units are rebranded PanImage on the box but the tablet itself still bears the Pandigital name.
Your RR7T40WBL1 is a remanufactured RR7T20WBL1 unit but with larger internal memory.
I am assuming that this is why your unit is marked "remanufactured" and not "refurbished" as other units are.
The RR7T40WBL1 and RR7T20WBL1 is exactly the same unit except for the 4GB memory upgrade versus 2GB and they both run
Android 1.5 version.
You can call the Pandigital toll-free customer support line and confirm with them but it should be safe to assume that both of these units would share the same updates as well.

There is however one product that is specifically branded PanImage on both the box and unit itself, I believe it is the PanImage 7” Color Media Tablet model# R79RT2W5.
The R79RT2W5 is made by Pandigital and has all the features of your novel but with additional built-in digital video/picture camera, microphone, Ethernet jack, USB Flash Drive and
Android 1.6 OS.
You may view a user guide here, ,if interested.

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