Voice Control Problem


Junior Member
Sep 6, 2014
I am an "old newbie", very much PC oriented, trying to learn this old dog new tricks. I/We(wife and I ) are trying to learn to use Her new tablet. Trying to use voice control to "snap" the pic, because it is very difficult to hold this thing still while tapping the "shoot" button. "voice" is turned on in settings. When I try to focus the cam, the beep is seldom emitted. When it does, I say "shoot", and the microphone icon shows the "off" icon (circle with cross-out), camera doesn't click. As far as I can tell, the manual just says to turn on the voice control, point the cam, focus, and say "shoot". Well I've tried "shoot" and some words we won't mention,,,to no avail. The tab takes amazing pictures, but is hard to find a way to hold it still without touching the screen anywhere. Especially when one has larger hands. Thanks in advance for help.