Watch Out, Pandora – iHeartRadio Launches Upgraded Service


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Mar 24, 2011
Watch Out, Pandora – iHeartRadio Launches Upgraded Service
Posted by Kelly Clay on Sep 9, 2011

Office cube-dwellers rejoice: there is now a much better alternative to Pandora that not only offers more music, but unlimited listening. With the upgraded version of Clear Channel’s iHeartRadio service — still in beta — music listeners can enjoy unlimited music with no ads until the end of the year. Even better is an upcoming iHeartRadio app, which will launch next week for the iPhone and soon for Android.


Pandora, a free music listening service that has been a favorite of those with a 9-5 desk job, is laced with advertisements and uses the Music Genome project to determine similar songs to play in a channel based on a specific song or artist. Until now, there has been no alternative without paying for a premium service like Rhapsody or the much-adored Spotify. The upgraded, beta version of iHeartRadio is a completely free service that offers a catalog of 11 million songs (about ten times that of Pandora) and determines similar songs based on research of listener demographics by Clear Channel. iHeartRadio also features social sharing functions, the ability to create unlimited stations from specific songs, artists, or music by genre, or choose to listen to one of Clear Channel’s 800 stations. Users can also decide via a sliding scale if they want to listen to only songs from artists related to a song or let iHeartRadio discover more songs for you.
For beta access to iHeartRadio’s upgraded service, users must visit iHeartRadio’s fan page on Facebook, like it, and then connect to Facebook via iHeartRadio’s Web site. Users who sign up now will enjoy unlimited listening without advertisements until the end of the year. And if this free alternative to both Pandora and other subscription services excites you, be ready to download the new iHeartRadio app for the iPhone next Monday. Be sure to also tune in to your favorite Clear Channel station, as many are giving away tickets to the sold-out iHeartRadio Music Festival, taking place in Las Vegas September 23 and 24 as part of the launch of these new services.