Weak WIFI reception w/new UPAD tablet


Dec 26, 2010
I just got a new UPAD Android 2.2 tablet that won't connect via wireless from one part of my house where a previous tablet and a laptop easily connected. I've seen WIFI LAN range extenders and I have contacted one company selling the n3 Long Range Wifi USB device. They say it has been tested with a generic ePad tablet and 2 customers claim it works fine with their Flytouch 10" tablets. The company says that the driver for it must be pre-installed on the tablet and that most likely the generic tablets (vs. Nook, etc) will have the driver installed with the standard Android OS.

Has anyone had experience with this or similar devices on their tablets? If the driver is not pre-installed on my UPAD, is it possible to install it by using my PC to put it onto the external SD card and then using a file manager to install it similar to installing a typical app?

Some of the devices I've seen claim to work at distances of up to 200m indoors and much longer outdoors. If so then I could also use this device with my laptop to connect to my router from my porch (aluminum roof) which is farther from the router than the indoor location (family room). Could also improve wifi signal from hotel rooms, etc. for any portable computer.. :cool:

I ordered and tried the Bearextender and was disappointed to only get another 4-5 feet of range using it. So it's on it's way back for a refund. Guess I'm stuck with a tablet that has weak WIFI reception. Oh well, I'll just wait a year and get a newer & better tablet..
The Bear USB antenna was out of stock when I was looking at this issue, so I ordered a G-Sky USB Wifi Adapter for my Coby Kyros. There may be other tablets out there that are USB ready for Wifi, but unfortunately not the Kyros.