What's the best PAYG sim card?


Oct 3, 2010
I bought my Galaxy 10.1 in early November last year and popped into my local Vodafone shop to buy a Sim card for it soon after. I'm not very technical - I can just about manage to top up my mobile phone from time to time. When I bought my Sim card for the 10.1 I put £10 worth of data on it. I assumed it would be like my mobile phone and last until I'd used it up. Last week I thought I'd better check how much data I had left but couldn't find a way so took it to the Vodfone shop and was horrified to find the data I had subscribed to was time limited and about to run out even though I'd barely used my tablet on the Vodafone network. The salesman in the shop told me that that all data Payg Sim cards are time limited. What a swiz.

Can anybody advise me on what is the best value Payg data sim card for my tablet - it's one of the micro ones? I very, very rarely want to use it on a mobile phone network as it doesn't often leave my wified house and there is usually wifi available whenever I want to use it when out and about.