WITS A81H+ 1Ghz OMAP3730 Android 2.2 Tablet PC Released


Oct 6, 2010
Product Specification

  • Processor : upgrade to Cortex A8 TI OMAP3 OMAP3730 1Ghz

  • Memory : 512MB DDRII RAM (upgrade to 512MB compared to A81G)

  • Memory ROM :512MB Flash (NAND) ,support MicroSD Card(upgrade to 512MB compared to A81G)

  • Operating System : Android OS 2.2 Froyo

  • Audio : Stereo Audio CODEC

  • Audio Outputs : Internal Speakers: Internal stereo speakers .

  • Wireless : On-board wireless 802.11b/g module.

  • LCD Screen :7.0 inches LCD with 800 x 480 resolution Capacitive screen , two point multitouching

  • USB : 1 x mini USB 2.0 OTG port , 1x USB 2.0 port

  • GPS : built-in GPS module ,u-BLOX 5 rd

  • Language : Multilanguage (Android 2.2 ) /English (Wince 6.0)

  • Size & weight : 180x110x15mm, 390g

  • Battery : 2900-3000Mah

  • Features : Android Market , Office Suite , word , pdf , excel , PDF ,Google Gmail , website browser , youtube , flash 10.1 , online flash video , built in gps , support 3G usb stick , super fast android 2.2 os , removable battery , bluetooth 2.0 , multitouching game , g-sensor game , 3d game , multitouching website browsing

  • Package include : 1 x A81 G Plus , 1 x user manual , 1 x car charger , 1 x Battery , 1 x Free plastic case , 1x DC Charger , 1x Free Screen Protector
Nationite MIDnite / WITS A81G Plus Cortex A8 7 inch Android 2.2 froyo tablet pc with Capacitive screen and g-sensor

OMAP3 OMAP3730 Specification

Hardware Specifications

Digial ccd/cmos input (Camera port)
One channel composite output
LCD port
DVI-D (digital computer monitors and HDTVs)
One channel audio input, Front Side of the Box
One channel audio output, Front Side of the Box
Storage, High-capacity microSD slot and Macro SD card
Two port Network, 10/100 Ethernet interface, RJ45 connector
Support WIFI module
DM3730-800 or DM3730-1000 processor , Super-scalar ARM Cortex TM -A8
JTAG Emulator for ARM & DSP
Secure chips, MSP430F2370
Communication ports
1 RS232 Rear Side of the Box;
1 RS485 On Terminal Block,Selection of RS485 port is configurable through software;
Two USB Host 2.0 ports, Rear Side of the Box;
High-speed USB 2.0 OTG port optionally powers the board
Power LED Front Side of the Box
3 status LEDs Front Side of the Box
Reset button at Rear Side of the Box
Power 9V-24V
Digital Inputs/Outputs
2 Digital Inputs On Terminal Block (Rear Side of Box)
2 Digital ouputs On Terminal Block (Rear Side of Box)
I2C Slave port
Board size 100mm X 90mm


The DM3730 Production Board runs pre-programmed MontaVista Linux with Video Encode and Decode Demo.
The DM3730 Production Board provides the following software and source code:

MontaVista Linux 2.6 with TI DaVinci™ Board Support Package Source Code
Linux Target File System
Bootloader Source Code
ARM & DSP GEL files
Board Support Library
Hardware Driver and Test Source Code
Compilers, Linkers, and Related Build tools
Quick Start Guide
Software Developer’s Guide
Optional DSP codec(s) are available


The DM3730 Development Board Package includes 1-Year hardware warranty.

DM3730 starter kit
Network video module
Mutlimedia entainment system
Car Backseat entainment system
Vehicle entainment system
Handhold devices
Web services
3-D gaming
3-D UI
Linux kernel and driver development
Boot loaders and firmware
UI framework
ARM ® NEON codecs
Codec plug-ins for GStreamers
OpenGL ® applications
OpenMAX TM IL applications
Ubuntu TM , Android TM , MeeGo TM , WinCE TM , QNX TM , Angstrom, Symbian TM , Debian, Gentoo and others
Home media centers
In-vehicle entertainment
Web kiosks
And many more...!
Possible GPU
3D Graphics with PowerVR SGX 530 /540
popular mobile with SGX530
moto defy
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