Won't Power On


Nov 17, 2011
i just brought a tablet off amazon and it just arrived to my house today. the only thing i did was install a universal android apk. but it didnt root my device. then i held the power button and vol+ and tried to go to the root screen but it just kept blanking out. i left it alone for about 15 minutes and it never started back up. when it is plugged up into the wall the red light shows but it doesnt show a sign of powering on at all. i held the button for 5 minutes but nothing. tried all of the power and vol+, power and menu, power and home, and power and vol-. keep in mind i just bought it and it just arrived at my house. i played with it for about 30 mins then it just quit on me.

help help help help


just send back and get my money back