World's Crappiest Tablet Gets the Tear-Down Treatment


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Jan 5, 2011

Prepare to cringe at the world's worst tablet. It's not at all surprising that the company which manufactured this horrible piece of trash went bankrupt. What is surprising is that it ever got this far into production at all.

You can watch a video in the thread below that is a teardown of this craptacular turd called the Esinomed Infoview Medical Tablet Computer. (It's extra scary that it was meant for medical use.) The tablet was based on off the shelf PC parts and its OS of choice was Windows XP. Feel free to digest that for a moment...

Not only does this pile of poo use double-sided adhesive tape to hold the motherboard to the bottom, it also uses a pack of rechargeable AA batteries as power. The batteries don't even have sockets between, but instead are soldered to each other with loose wires.

If this thing were some retro-fitted virtual device found in the post-apocalyptic Fallout 4 game, it might be kinda cool. Considering this was a real life device, it makes you wonder what its creators were smoking when they attempted to market this monstrosity. It's also a wonder they ever got it functioning in the first place.