Yet another Kyros MID7015 question, if you please...


Apr 25, 2011
I am completely new to the android OS and I guess it takes some getting used to... I just got a Coby Kyros MID7015, mid7015a 1.6 build, version 2.1-update1, 2.6.29 root.

I have been hearing about hacks to the device (i.e. coby update, root, clockworkmod, google market, etc.) and I found a few sources on doing this...

I started with the update but I got a verification "error"... and I cant find what to do in case of this error...I may have read that this is because newer versions were update.

I tried the terminal emulator but all I get is "file not found"... I have the recovery.img,, clockworkmod on my sdcard but I am stuck. I cannot do anything.. I downloaded the android sdk to my pc did all what was asked but still, I get errors.... I like to think that I can follow instructions but this time I am stumped... do I need to erase everything I have done and start over? what are my options.... any help is appreciated.