ZeniThink ZT-180 Specifications Faking, Not ARMv7 A8-Cortex!


Jun 19, 2010
THANK YOU..Thank you for this great expose of delibarate FRAUD ! We are all indebted to you, fot NOT wasting our money. Keep Going!


Sep 11, 2010
If anyone gets their hands on a more stable Firmware update w/ the Market, etc can you pass it along to the community?

I can recommend the procedures on iBeau dot net I have used the ROM upgrade, and the market install procedures and can assure you they are "bear-proof"!

I have followed them, and have an 0827 ROM, and the Android Market installed. Now that I have it, I'm not as excited about the Android Market, as it won't allow me to download some apps because of the VGA restriction. I am supporting the Camangi Market, since it states it will be for "tablet" applications.

BTW, I do not have a stake in Camangi Market, I'm only a user. I prefer to support those that support my hardware.



Oct 1, 2010
Flashing Firmware android and windows ce to zenithink zt-180
How to flash zenithink 180 firmware see my you tube
download the USB burn tool 7.2 http://www.dbank.com/download?f=c0dz...464&v=3ffb3732 Note XP 32bit will not work on any 64 bit. may work on 32 bit vista
Newest release , please note, 576 and 600. models built before Aug 15 will have old touch screen and use 576. Please also note Google market place is added in the new firmware.
0929_1024x576 http://www.dbank.com/download?f=c0vw...584&v=dc6e248a
0929_1024x600 http://www.dbank.com/download?f=c0vw...584&v=76040a83

here are the basic default apps for android http://www.dbank.com/download?f=c003...950&v=cbc97c4f

for the Windows CE firmware use this 0714_1.46_EN http://www.dbank.com/download?f=c003...859&v=9b3f4a3f note english version
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Nov 9, 2010
Well, I actually paid slightly more than $200 for it shipped to Spain, but that price includes a socket adaptor for EU, a screen protector, a stand to use it in a car and a case with a qwerty keyboard inside, so I guess it's a fairly good price. I know it arrived in Spain yesterday, so I guess I will have it at home tonight or maybe tomorrow (unless customs want to know more about it).


Feb 21, 2012
I very recently acquired a 10 inch tablet from a UK Amazon supplier (I want to start developing something different), so I installed Dalvik Explorer and pulled up the build
/device details. Follwing is an extract:

CPU AB: armeabi-v7a
Cores 1
Brand MID
Board f04ref
devicef04ref... running android 4.03

General infromation information relating to the the above CPU I found seemed to indicate Cortex 7? Not Cortex 9A as described by the seller. This does not look like a Cortex 9a; if you could confirm this I would be grateful, as then I can take it up with Amazon an the vendor.

The unit Also cannot load Google Chrome for Android even though it is running android 4.03. Other than that the unit is quite nice.

Rob C.