$150 REWARD for helping me track down my stolen Xyboard tablet!

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    A day ago my Xyboard tablet was stolen out of my desk from my office. I am offering a $150 reward (PayPal, check - whatever you prefer) to anyone who can help track my tablet down ASAP as I am not too savvy when it comes to these issues, and it is problematic because I did not install any locator apps prior to it being stolen.

    After it was stolen, on my computer, I installed Android Lost and Android Lost Jumpstart through Google Play (and have confirmed that it downloaded to my tablet as it is showing up in the "My Android Apps" section - and I have not received any emails and on the website it still says that it has not been registered. The tablet has a 4G wireless service that has not been cut yet, becuase I am hoping something can be done to track it down. I am seeking my tablet back - but I want to bring some justice to the person who stole it from me as well. Since it is a tablet it does not have SMS or phone capabilities (at least I have not installed any).

    Again I am looking for someone with know how to help me find it and I will immediately send $150. I also have the serial numbers etc of the tablet if that is needed.

    Please contact me thru email - danielfriedman.df@gmail.com - and we will take it from there!

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