7" Pandigital Novel white. HELP I want to be able to stream and have access to Market

Discussion in 'Pandigital Novel White Firmware' started by newfieduck, Jun 19, 2012.

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    Pandigital 7" white

    I am hoping someone is able to help me with this. Keep in mind I'm a novice so I would need a step by step. I want to be able to use my Pandigital Novel to stream netflix and youtube and have access to Android Market. I have the most recent update on Pandigitals website but it's a joke. I can't do anything I want on it. I do know that if I root it or change the Android OS it will void warranty and I'll be honest I really don't care the only reason I bought the thing is because it said it was Android and I assumed it would be like most others I was wrong. So if someone could provide me with a step by step and links on how to upgrade this piece of **** that would be great.

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