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    Coby Kyros Mid7022
    I read that some Samsung Galaxy Tab gel cases fit decently, so I was curious to find a working OtterBox Defender case since I like the protection it offers. Modifications are required to make this fit...

    OtterBox Defender for the Samsung Galaxy Tab - Cost 10.95 Free shipping New - eBay (I may have been lucky to find it at this price, I see them around 15$ now....who knows maybe mines a knock off!) But search around and you should be able to find one under 15$...

    From the initial test fit with the Galaxy box, the 7022 is longer, wider, and thicker (that's what she said) than the Galaxy, so this requires modifications along all three dimensions. This was much more work than I anticipated, but I figured I wouldn't give up until I wasted a few hours and knew if it was/wasn't possible.

    Frame Modification:
    Basically all of the mods revolve around getting the unit to fit inside the inner plastic frame. This consists of a top (face plate) and lower plastic pieces that join by 4 side tabs. The tops and bottoms of these sections essentially have to be cut off, since the unit is longer, and you need access to the lower ports/power button. Additionally, some inner meat from the cases need to be shaved down to allow the faceplate top piece to hug the screen properly. The biggest part of thinning out some of the inner material is to make sure that the 4 tabs are left unharmed since they mate with each other when the top and bottoms connect.

    Speaker Holes:
    Drilled some holes out of the back plastic to allow the speaker be exposed through the hard case - have not holed out the rubber case yet, however, I've played a few games and watched some movies and it seems to be loud enough for my needs as it is.

    Rubber Surround Case:
    This case fits nice and snug and secures around those 4 rubber tabs. It keeps the modded plastic frame intact nicely and so far have not run into any issues.
    I took a sharp razor/hobby set to cut out two lower holes for the lower ports. Memory stick and headphone jack fit through the stock Galaxy flap.

    Home/Settings Keys:
    I left these alone and did not cut the rubber case mainly for structural reasons. It is too close to the lower right Tab cutout and I believe it would start to tear in the future. I know where the buttons are, maybe just dot them with a silver spec for clarity.

    I will look into what other 7" tablet OtterBox Defenders are available. If I can get another cheap one off eBay I will see if the mod is easier than the Galaxy. This one is doable but I don't think it would be too pleasant for the beginner-DIYer. If anyone knows what other tabs are similar to the 7022 please respond and I will look into modding other OtterBoxes if I can come across one.

    I will provide some feedback as to how the modded case holds up. I'm just glad I can put this thing in a bag and not worry about it as much as before when it was bare.


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