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Discussion in 'Nexus 7' started by billynibbles, Nov 17, 2012.

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    I thought it might be useful to start a 'what accessory works?' thread. I'll chip in my 5 cents. I've just bought an H259 Wireless Bluetooth Aluminum Keyboard Stand Case via e-bay for about £13 from Hong Kong. I won't add a link as it'll only be dead by the time anyone reads this! It's simple enough to Google anyway.

    This works really well with the Nexus, and being Bluetooth, doesn't need a dongle - it's easy to pair with the tablet as a one-off operation. The tablet sits in a slot on the back of the keyboard at a good angle for watching movies from an airline table and typing. You can also place the Nexus into the slot in portrait format but this make it a little prone to falling over backwards - landscape is better and obviously what it was designed for.

    Keys are pretty good although experts will find them a tad too small for touch typing, I'm guessing. I'd take issue with the use of the word 'aluminium' or even 'aluminum' depending on which side of the big pond you are. It's actually silver-coloured plastic. However, it's been designed to house the tablet, facing it when closed down. The tablet clips in place to form a double-sided clam-shell. Even the back of the keyboard has been designed to ape the mottled design of the Nexus. It contains a lithium rechargeable battery with about 50 hours life in use, and (nice touch) uses the same micro-USB charger as the tablet.
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