Ainol Novo 7 Auraro FAQ (Updating)

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    1. My Ainol Novo 7 Aurora gets very hot when I use it, is it normal ?

    With CPU / GPU intensive apps and games, this is to be expected as the Ainol Novo 7 Aurora has a 65nm single core CPU. The rumor is that the Ainol Novo 7 Aurora II is in the works and will have a 45nm dual core CPU, which means it will run cooler.

    2. I like playing games on Ainol Novo 7 Aurora, but some games are not compatible with the tablet. Which HD Gameloft games work on Ainol Novo 7 Aurora with Android 4.0 ICS operating system ?

    Following tested games work on Ainol Novo 7 Aurora: Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation HD; Backstab HD; Dungeon hunter 3; Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD; GT Racing: Motor Academy HD Free+; Fifa 12; Real Soccer 2012; UNO; Tintin HD; Six Guns; Riptide GP; Shine Runner; Dead space etc.

    3.Most current Skype versions don't work properly on Ainol Novo 7 Aurora with Android ICS devices, what should I do ?

    There is a version of Skype works on Aurora perfectly, download here: ICS-Compatible-Skype-

    4.I just bricked my Aurora while updating the firmware. Right now I can't turn it on and it's not recognized When I connect to my PC. There is no "reset" hole on the Aurora. Anyone can help on how to revive my bricked Aurora ?

    Try this: hold the power button for more than 30 seconds and upgrade the firmware again.

    5. Anyone has Netflix working on Ainol Novo 7 Aurora Android ICS 4.0.3? I have tried every version of Netflix out there with no success.

    Install feiyu mod 4.0.3(0405) for Aurora. Netflix now works flawlessly, even at the highest bitrates. Enjoy!

    6.Some apps in Android market (Google Play) are not compatible with my Ainol Novo 7 Aurora, how should I fix this ?

    Check to see whether a device is compatible with the apps before install them. The latest firmware version is showing as incompatible with some apps. This kind of problem may sort itself out as the Apps in question are updated to support the newer Elf firmware, or you can resolve it yourself by switching to a custom firmware with better App compatibility. The tablet itself is compatible with everything once you get the Apps installed.

    7. I bought my Ainol Novo 7 Aurora from China and there are some built in Chinese apps like Tencent QQ in the device. How can I remove these Chinese apps ?

    Download this app to get rid of unwanted apps:

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