Ainol Novo 7 Flame 1280*800 with Bluetooth is coming only $159.99 @Mcbub

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    Ainol NOVO 7 Paladin, NOVO 7 Elf, Samsung Galaxy SII, iPad 2
    【Mcbub】 Ainol Novo 7 Flame with IPS HD Screen and 16GB HDD also Bluetooth function Dual Camera 5000MAh Battery and metal back cover is coming.

    The same as NOVO 7 ELF II and Aurora II, NOVO 7 FLAME use dual core CPU AML8726-MX, but the screen is better than ELF II and Aurora II, it goes with a 7" IPS screen 1280*800(the same as HUAWEI mediaPad); Dual camera, Frone 2.0MP Back 5.0MP; With Bluetooth Function; and, metal back cover. Is that great? Couldn't wait
    First show some pic of novo 7 flame, Mcbub will stock it soon.
    $QQ截图20120814135342.jpg $QQ截图20120814135322.jpg $FLAME.jpg
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