Allwinner A13 - advertised with 1.5Ghz CPU... Mine is just 1.0Ghz

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    I've first tried to talk with the online support, but the lady was really confuse.
    So my question is what the real CPU speed for this tablet?

    McBub: Low-Priced McPad F1, USD 69.99, 7 Inch AllWinner A13 Android 4.0 Tablet PC 512MB RAM 4GB McPad F1 Capacitance screen WIFI Camera Black (CP147739)

    Operating System:Google Android 4.0.3 ICS
    Model:McPad F1
    Product Type:Tablet PC
    Keyboard:Touch Screen
    Display Technology:Capacitive touch screen
    Screen Size:7 inch
    Max Resolution:800*480
    CPU Type:Cortex-A8
    CPU Manufacturer:ALLWINNER
    CPU Model:A13
    CPU Speed:1.2Ghz-1.5Ghz
    RAM / Technology:DDR3
    RAM Installed Size:512MB

    I've used 3 differents apps and the all listed the CPU speed @ 1008mhz.

    What is wrong?
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    Sorry to answer you late.

    this tablet use the Allwinner A13 chip, and you can learn about the allwinner chip here:

    AllWinner A1X - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    the chip factory said this chip can overclock to 1.5GHZ max, however, the regular speed is 1-1.2GHZ, you can test with "antutu benchmark" and you will see the result.


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