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    Chinese tABLET
    Hello Everyone ,
    I 'm new here and to the Tablet world

    I have bought a Chinese tablet .

    I Have attached the Specs of the Tablet . Could you please tell me if it is worth buying another ?

    The only problem I have with the Tablet is that it lags and becomes unresponsive quickly.

    Whenever I use Google Chrome or The Facebook app , the tablet becomes unresponsive. With other apps , it does lag but not to this extent.

    Can I have a solution to this problem.

    I believe it is a software Problem.
    $Screenshot_2013-07-16-20-00-15.png $Screenshot_2013-07-16-19-57-12.png

    I wanted to buy another one as a gift . I bought it on alibaba and the price is good.

    Please Advise

    Thank you

    A31S 10.1" Tablet PC Wifi Bluetooth Quad Core IPS Android 4.1.1 1280*800 1G DDR3 16GB Flash,HDMI ,USB 3G ,3D E-book ,, View Android tablet pc with wifi bluetooth , Neutral or OEM Product Details from Shenzhen Top-Tech Technology Co., Ltd. on Alibaba.

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