Almost Have Wifi through Ad hoc

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    As It says ....

    I went through the Instructions to get wifi from my android Phone(Huawei U8100).

    Now it does show up on my Tablet..Only Problem i'm having now is that every time it Obtains the IP address It ends up being Unsuccessful....
    I Have been looking around now for 3 days but can't seem to find out what I am doing Wrong...

    I use Wireless Tether for the Wifi hotspot..
    Well the good thing is i'm 1 step ahead from when I first started..

    My Question is ;

    Am I missing Something Else?

    any help would be appreciated...

    I was at one of the Bell stores here and I took my tablet to them to compare it to the Samsung and the sales Rep couldn't believe how fast and responsive this Watery Rom Is....
    He was Concidering On getting the Coby Tablet...

    l_n Thanks Again I love My Coby Now...:eek:
    My Coby Is Very Fast

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