Amazon Developing a Dual-Display Kindle Tablet; E-Ink Back and Full-Color Front

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    Now here's novel idea that shows Amazon is thinking outside the box and providing value to its customers. Amazon just patented a dual-display tablet, with a screen on both sides. At first, you might think, why would I want that? If you delve deeper into the patent, you see a great reason why. One side of the tablet will have your traditional full-color display, while the other side uses Amazon's Kindle E-Ink/E-Reader style display. That's pretty clever, because it gives tablet users and people who love to read e-books the best of both worlds.

    For now, the technology doesn't quite exist yet that would allow you to have a full-color display that can also dual as a flat E-reader. The glossy touch screen simply is not conducive to the E-ink technology, but until some genius engineer figures out a way to merge the two technologies properly, this new patent from Amazon makes for a brilliant work-around. For now this is just a patent, but you can bet money that Amazon is already working on bringing this concept to market. We will keep an eye out and let you know as soon as we see anything concrete.

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    There was a device out, and I believe it was called the Entourage Edge, that had both an e-ink display and an lcd although the screens were side by side in a clamshell book like device. I really liked the concept but it apparently didn't go over too well.

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