AMID-972XS Won't Charge/How to Take the Back Off

Discussion in 'Bauhn Tablets' started by cruiser80, Oct 9, 2013.

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    Bauhn AMiD-972XS
    Hi All, recently my sons tablet stopped charging via the 240V DC in port The connector had broken away from the motherboard.

    I have since found out how to remove the (Aluminium) back and resolder this connector.
    here is what I did.

    I have several sets of ipod tools, received when purchasing a new screen, that I used, but all that is really needed is a small flat bladed screw driver and a steady hand...

    Starting at the opposite end to the On/Off volume buttons you will be able to "feel" a small indent between the alloy case and plastic surround.
    once one of these is found, apply a small amount of pressure inwards and GENTLY lever the case and screen SLIGHTLY apart.
    NOTE: putting something between the case and surround will prevent them "CLICKING" back into place.


    these clips are approx. 50mm apart


    work your way Alternately around the sides until the case starts to come free. USE CAUTION near the speakers and wifi antenna as there is double sided tape holding these items onto the case.

    $inside2.jpg $inside3.jpg

    re assembly is the reverse of above...
    Note: retape speakers and/or wifi antenna if required.

    start by sliding the "Switch/Volume button" end in first, and gently clip the screen back into the case until fully seated.

    I hope this helps someone as I could not find any information on separating this case.

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    Bauhnamid 972xs
    Hello Wayne
    Thnaks for the information. I have successfully removed and replaced the back of the tablet.
    My problem is to locate the battery and replace it. In your exploration did you find where the battery is located? Betteri if can be told where to look rather than fiddling around.


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