Android-Powered Helmet Called 'Skully P1' Has Rear Camera & Augmented Reality

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    Okay, so this story is not about a phone or a tablet, but it is about a cool Android device which we just had to share with you guys. It's called the "Skully P1" and it's actually an Android-powered motorcycle helmet which can let you see what's behind you with an Augmented Reality overlay. This innovative device actually has a rear-camera built-in and displays a 180-degree AR view of whatÂ’s behind the rider.


    That's not the only cool thing about this high-tech noggin armor. It also includes a Skully Synapse HUD integrated into the helmet visor. This makes it appear the HUD is floating about 20 feet in front of the riders vision. This HUD includes two different views. One incorporates the rear view display as previously mentioned, but the other offers detailed turn-by-turn navigation. This HUD uses a lithium-ion battery which will hold a charge for nine hours of use.

    As mentioned, the helm uses Android for its OS, and will integrate with other smartphones from Androids to iPhones. The OS also includes voice controls for playing music, getting directions, and more. The manufacturer will launch an SDK for app developers later in 2013. No details on pricing have been shared just yet.

    Source: SlashGear

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