android tablet - is it a tablet is it a phone?

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    I hope someone can help...

    ive just bought an Excelvan 7" Tablet Phablet PC Android 4.1 Dual SIM GPS TV Bluetooth Wifi 3G

    Im not sure if it will work with a pay as you go PHONE sim, or whether I need a DATA only SIM

    the instructions manual and on screen settings seem to suggest it thinks its a phone..

    which is good, because I would like to put a pay as you go sim card in it, as phone sim's are better value than data only, as they include the calls/text/data for the same price.

    however when I put a phone sim in the tablet, the phone/calls worked but it wouldn’t connect to the internet (although it will through wiFi with or without a sim)

    I can buy a data only sim, but i wanted to ask if you knew of any settings that will prevent it from connecting to the internet on a phone sim that need to be changed – or whether its just the networks blocking it because they are tight & know it’s a tablet.

    (i of course went into the settings and told the tablet to connect to the sim in slot 1 for calls, text and data.... but it stayed at no internet status)

    any advice?


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