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Discussion in 'WonderMedia Based' started by mcpl, Jun 24, 2012.

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    hi all i am a bit of a noob

    i have been given a 7" tablet no markings saying what it is but here is what i know

    7" screen
    via wm8505
    sd card slot

    one end has
    2x mini usb ports 1x device 1x host
    dc socket
    headphone socket

    other end has
    power button
    3 other buttons not sure what they are for

    the tablet has a black plastic case with a large flap on the rear with the battery and wifi card

    i had to open the case to find it had a wm8505 processor

    when given to me it would hang while booting it said wmt2.1.2_105 on the startup screen so
    i have re-installed wmt2.1.2_105 but the touch screen seems to be rotated and the 3 end buttons are pritty much unresponsive

    i have searched google but cant find out what model it is any help would be apreciated

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