[APP][ROOT] ZipInstaller 3.2.2 for CWM-based + TWRP + 4EXT Recoveries

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    I found another very cool app for us that works great. It was developed by XDA member beerbong.
    I'm just going to post from his thread on XDA that you can find HERE.

    ZipInstaller 3.2.2A fast and easy way to install ZIPs

    $ZipInstaller2.png $ZipInstaller2.png $ZipInstaller3.png

    ZipInstaller is a little app that makes it faster to pick up and install the zip files you want to install via recovery. Instead of using the volume and power keys to select the different options inside the recovery, you can pick up all the zips you want with your favorite file manager from the internal sdcard and choose wether you want to wipe cache and/or data, that's it. You also can send the ZIPs you want through the send/share menu of your file manager.
    ZipInstaller was originally part of The Beer Gang's JellyBeer ROM.

    - Install as much zips you want in a row (they are added to a list and then you click the "install" button). Just zips from internal sdcard.
    - Add zips directly from a file manager through the send/share menu.
    - Click on the zips added to see it's properties or remove it from the list.
    - You can define the recovery and the sdcard mount point name in the menu (default is CWM-based - emmc).
    - If you add a zip that was already added, it goes down to the last position.
    - Reorder the list using drag and drop.
    - Save and load your list.
    - Download zips and add them to the list
    - Backup, restore and delete backup.
    - Check MD5 sum (manually or automatically through *.md5sum)
    - Application automatic updates
    - Open source!

    Features purchased version
    - Get notifications of updates of your rom if they are on goo.im or ota-update-center
    - Download the new version of your rom and add it to the list automatically
    - Navigate Goo.im

    Source code
    The source code is available here: https://github.com/beerbong/com_beerbong_zipinst
    Feel free to download it and modify as you want.

    Download free version
    Find latest version of the apk here: Goo.im Downloads - Browsing ZipInstaller
    Users that have purchased the app shouldn't update from here as they would lose extra features.

    Purchase application
    Play Store link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...erbong.zipinst

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