Apple Follows UK Court Ruling and Issues 'Better' Revised Statement on Their Homepage

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    Just last week we reported that Apple was given 48 hours by the UK court to revise their snide and contradictory "Samsung didn't copy us" statement. To refresh your memory, Apple lost their patent battle in the UK court and was ordered by the court to issue a public "pseudo-apology" by posting a statement on their website indicating that Samsung did not copy their designs. The statement they put up basically thumbed their noses at the UK court's ruling by suggesting the UK court must have been wrong because they won in other courts around the globe. This obviously violated the court's order, so Apple was given another directive in which they had 48 hours to revise the statement.

    Below is a copy of the new statement followed by a source link to the Apple dedicated page where it is listed. Although the statement is written in heavy "legal-jargon" and will be difficult for some to understand, this new statement follows the directive from the UK court much better. It basically

    Apple also put the following corrective statement up on their main page,

    I am sure it was not easy for Apple to "eat crow" like that, but this time they complied correctly, and they did so within the 48 hour time limit they were given.

    Source: Apple

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