Apple Pushes Harder; Seeks to Add Galaxy Note 10.1 & Jelly Bean to Infringment Claim

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    Apple is not backing down from their legal onslaught against Samsung. In fact, a new report from Reuters today reveals that Apple is actually pushing harder. They are seeking to add the Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet and Android 4.1/Jelly Bean itself to their list of infringing patents lawsuit against Samsung. Today, in a San Jose Federal court, Apple made their argument to U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal.

    This move by Apple is likely a knee-jerk reaction to Samsung filing patent infringement claims against the iPhone 5 at the beginning of October. No ruling has been made on either motion yet, but here are some details outlining where and when things are headed for the final showdown:

    Just. Wow. 2014! This whole thing is going to go the long-haul. I guess we better hunker down for a long and protracted proxy war in the courts. The tech world's global "thermonuclear" war has only just begun apparently... :(

    Source: Bloomberg

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