AT&T expected to unveil the waterproof, 4G LTE Pantech Element at CES

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    At CES 2012, AT&T is expected to introduce an affordable and unique Android tablet running on its 4G LTE network. According to BGR, the Pantech Element features 4G LTE, Android 3.2, a 8 inch touch screen display, and waterproof casing.
    In terms of being waterproof, I would say it’s more of a novelty feature than something you can actually use on a daily basis. The device has a rating of IP57 meaning it is only protected against immersion of 15 cm to a meter deep. AT&T maintains that that the tablet is “splash resistant” and probably should not be chucked into the pool. While the protection against the occasional splash of water is nice, I imagine that will not be key feature in determining whether it should be purchased or not.

    However, the other feature found in the Pantech Element aren’t too shabby. In terms of processor, it boasts a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 16GB of onboard storage, Android 3.2, a 5MP rear facing camera with 1080p video capture, and a 2MP front facing camera. No word on whether it will be upgraded to Android 4.0, but given its high-end hardware, an upgrade should be in order.

    Lastly, AT&T is going to price the Pantech Element at $299 on a two year contract and $449 off contract, which is an appropriate price tag for a 4G LTE Android tablet.
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