B&N U button failed to work - need HELP please

Discussion in 'Nook Tablet' started by ti444, Dec 28, 2011.

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    Hi everyone;)
    Hate to post a new thread, but I failed to find a solution myself. I have 2 Nook Tablets. Both rooted before the 1.4.1 update.
    Nook Tablet 1 - I deleted all B&N apps and other stuff, after using it for a week I got a problem with U button - when I press it and press HOME after it does not work saying "No activity found to handle Intent {act=com.bn.intent.action.home.flg=0x14400000"...Please can you advise me how to get the HOME button back?
    Nook Tablet 2 - I did not deleted all B&N apps and other stuff, after using it for a week I got a different problem - Nook went back to B&N!!! As if it was never rooted! I reset it and tried to root again. It worked, but when I press B&N HOME button - it went to B&N again!!:mad:
    Please, can you help me?
    Thank you!:)
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    You can try using HomeCatcher to remap the 'n' button to launch to the Nook Home Screen or to another Home Launcher App. I've got mine mapped to use GoLauncher EX.




    "N" Button is inoperative
    1. Press and hold the Power and "N" Button until the device reboots.
    2. Continue to hold the Power and "N" button until the device reboots 8 times. This will wipe data and restore the "N" button functionality
    Reference: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1402190
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