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    !!Warning!! The Cube U30GT-H tablet firmware updates v1.07

    U30GT-H_v1.07_20120925 - v1.07_20120928 - v1.07_20120929

    What it does is you can't root it in anyway and delete any preinstalled Chinese apps from it I also found that the screen goes out when USB is installed so there is no way to turn it on and it have WI-FI problems too also it don't let you copy anything over from the SD card there is more problems with YouTube, Flash player, BBC iplayer again not working. It’s very buggy;

    Also in Settings\About Tablet\Build number - reads Cube U30GT-H 1.07 under its name is [Unknown]? But it should read something like this.
    (rk30sdk-eng 4.1.1 *****code-key********** test keys)

    So Beware of the V1.07_20120925/20120928/20120929. The Chinese company Cube has removed all three file links from their website this month because of all the bugs in them but some members on other forums are still putting the links out and calming it works for them but it don’t.

    Link Download

    I hope everyone who has this Cube tablet wait for the v1.08 to fix all the bugs in v1.07 update because I had to find out the hard way now I have gone back to v1.06 Rooted.
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