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    Cube U9GT
    Dear all,

    The CUBE U9GT is a truly good tablet and out of all tablets I have seen, this is by far one of the best ones. I don't personally feel that it is "just another run of the mill" tablet but it ought to have more recognition especially in Europe and the US. Being a developer myself, I soon realised that this tablet has a lot of potential for customization so I purchased it. To my dismay, I soon realised that support is quite poor on this tablet.

    Some of the problems encountered
    - The company itself won't answer your questions...
    - Most of the threads on this tablet are in chinese so it is hard to find your way through ...
    - Could not even buy a damn charger for the thing! Until some time ago ...
    - ROMS released are typically for China and even if Language settings are changed ... you'd still get odd bits in Chinese...

    As a first contribution to the community, I decided to post an FAQ about this beautiful tablet. Hopefully we get the ball rolling and produce something fruitful out of it. Please feel free to contact me or pm me with further details so that I get a useful point of reference for this particular tablet.

    Cube U9GT Specifications
    - Screen:7"
    - 4:3 TFT capacitance multi-touch screen with resolution 800*600 (up to 5 touches)
    - CPU:Rockchip 2918,1.2GHZ Cortex A8
    - OS:Android 2.3,more than 100,000 software are available online
    - RAM:DDRII 512MB (Some sites claim it to be DDRIII but on the Cube site it is DDR II)
    - Graphics chipset Vivante GC800 GPU support 1080P Video playback capability
    - Storage:Built-in 2GB-16GB,TF card extended 128MB-16GB
    - Internet Access: "Wifi 802.11b/g Max54Mbps,3G module dongle"
    - support OpenGL ES 2.0 and Open VG
    - Video:support 1080P encoding for H.264,VP8,RV,WMV,AVS,H.263,MPEG4 format
    - Support YouTube,HTML5 and Flash10.1
    - Audio:support MP3,WMA,APE,FLAC,RA
    WAV format
    - Image:support JPG,BMP,PNG format
    - E-book: support TXT,LRC,PDF,Html,Htm,EPUB,PDB,FB2 format
    - Playback time:up to 5 hours movie playback time,up to 15 hours music playback time,up to 7 hours web page view time
    - Multi language,record function,G-sensor and keyboard supported
    - Battery Capacity:4000mAh
    - Product Dimension(mm):182*144*7

    Known Variants
    Details are still not clear as to how the following differ from the above.
    - CubeU9GT
    - CubeU9GT_S
    - CubeU9GT_SA

    However it is to be noted that you CANNOT EXCHANGE FIRMWARE updates between the 3... they won't work properly so be warned!

    Cube U9GT2 Specifications
    From what I've read so far. The main difference between the Cube U9GT and the U9GT2 seems to be the RAM, the larger screen size and better resolution . Essentially they are both running the same CPU Chip/Graphics chip combo (Cortex A8) RK2918 / Vivante GC800. Touchscreen technology is different (10 touches as opposed to 5).

    CPU: Rockchip 2918, 1.2GHZ, Cortex A8
    OS: Android 2.3
    RAM: DDR III 1GB (elpida 256MBĂ—4 DDR3 RAM)
    NAND Flash RAM: 2GB-16GB (optional)
    TF Card Extended: 128MB-32GB
    9.7'' 4:3 IPS capacitive Multi-touch screen (Resolution: 1024*768)
    Graphics Chipset Vivante GC800 GPU support (1080P Video)
    Support WIFI: 802.11b/g,
    Support 3G USB Dongle
    Support Flash10.1
    Support 720P online video (YouTube)
    Support 1080P H.264, VP8, RV, WMV, AVS, H.263, MPEG4 video format
    Support MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC, AAC, WAV, OGG audio format
    Support TXT, LRC, PDF, HTML, HTM, EPUB, PDB, FB2 E-Book format
    Support JPEG, JPG, BMP, GIF image format
    Support 3GPP record format
    Support Multi-Language
    Support G-sensor, Camera (Front: 2.0 Mega Rear: 2.0 Mega)
    I/O Port: USB 2.0, Mini USB, T-FLASH, 3.5mm headphone, build-in microphone, DC
    Use earphone listen music: 15 hour; Use earphone watching movie: 5 hour; Browse: 7 Hour
    Battery: Double battery (4000 mAh) in series

    So technically speaking, the U9GT2 ... other than sporting a bigger screen and ram size, there should not be much of a difference in terms of hardware. Though I won't assume anything, it seems that the U9GT could well run the U9GT2 firmware on it but this has yet to be confirmed by some tests and experts in the field. I didn't try it as yet.

    Out of the box ... the U9GT is capable of scoring a quadrant score of 1180 which i believe could go further up if tweaked.

    Flashing Custom ROM on your U9GT
    There are other threads on this forum ... showing how to flash the U9GT but it has yet to be confirmed whether this would work on the U9GT variants.

    Will also post links for the various updates which are being released once the confusion is cleared. Till then I hope that this info will come in useful. Will update the thread soon with some more useful info. Please feel free to contribute.

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