Chameleon For Android Tablets Gets a Beta Launch in the Google Play Store

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    If you remember when last we mentioned the Chameleon Project, they had experienced some business related hiccups and basically had to restart on Kickstarter. It looks like these issues didn't slow down their development phase much at all really. The Chameleon beta is now live on the Google Play Store. If you were one of the folks that pledged money to the project, or you have pre-ordered it, then you can download it and check it out while you help them squash some bugs.

    As a refresher for those who missed it, the Chameleon Project is basically a super-launcher that allows you to customize the home screen for Android tablets. That is an oversimplified summary, because it allows for some very useful added functionality as well. Be sure to check out the video above to see how far things have progressed. Here are some links below.

    Source: Google Play Store - Chameleon Beta and KickStarter - Chameleon
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