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    ok so im using an ac to dc adapter that you can change the head and set the voltage. the thing i dont like though, is it doesnt tell you which way the head goes on. so it must of been the wrong way. so i took my whole epad apart and tested a bunch of things. oh by the way what happened was it would still work, but the green light wouldnt turn to red, and it wouldnt show the charging icon were the battery thing is on the screen. but anyways i took the whole thing apart, and test alot of the components. the one i tested were fine, and nothing looked like it blew. then i checked the battery and remebered the voltage. i plugged it in the right way this time, and an hour later the voltage was higher which means it is charging. and the battery indicator showed 1/2 instead of 1/4. so does anyone know what might be wrong?

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