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Discussion in 'Android Tablet Q&A' started by powercow, Sep 6, 2018.

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    I play Othello. It's a board game played on a similar sized board as chess (8x8). The pieces are flat discs and when we make a move we have to sometimes flip up to 10-15 discs.

    This is a problem in blitz tournaments, as a good fraction of the time is spent just making your move, instead of thinking.

    So I am looking for suggestions for large tablets (the physical game board is around 25 inches, but I think a tablet as small as 15 would work) that are very simple (and cheap).

    Just a blank tablet basically which only needs to run ONE othello app or program. It doesnt have to be fast, or have any other things than a quite big screen and ability to play a basic board game that probably takes 10 MB.

    Suggestions? Anything to steer me the right way on google would also help if you are not bothered googling for me. I feel I have run a dead end.
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    Android tablets most commonly top out at 10 inches, though both Lenovo and Samsung have made 18" Android tablets. 18" tablets also exist for Windows as well, notably by Dell with their XPS 18 line. You've however highlighted your biggest issue: price. A single 18" tablet will run you around $700. Even on Alibaba a single tablet is $620. To get any appreciable savings you would need to buy a lot of 500 tablets to get the price down to a manageable $285.

    Having played Othello, I know how annoying it can be to flip the discs, but I agree with you. You've run into a dead end. A physical Othello board and pieces are going to be far less expensive than a tablet, even if not as convenient.

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