Chinese Tablet Reflashed, No Touch Screen Drivers

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    Cheap Cinese
    Hi, I bought a cheap chinese 7" tablet off ebay you can see the one here

    Anyway it stopped working out the blue after about 1 day, useless or what.
    So I got in touch with the person who I bought it from and he sent me a tf card which is supposed to reinstall the OS. It did not work I can see a progress bar get about halfway and then it stops.
    Once again I get in touch with the seller and he sends me another TF card but it does the same thin, stops about halfway. So once again I get in touch with him and e says just send the item back. I tought great just have it gone and get my money back. Not so simple I checked te cost of sipping to china for tis tablet. The cheapest was about £50 not really worth my hassle as it cost me £50 to buy it. On top of all that I waited about a month for the tablet to arrive in the first place. Then each time he sent me a 4GB card it took about 2 weeks for each one to arrive.
    I have learned a lesson the hard way unfortunately.

    Anyway I did some research and found out I can install an android OS so I thought great I'm in business. So I download some software called livesuite which enables me to flash the android OS on to the tablet. I downloaded some android package called FaaastJB-v2.img and flashed my android. I can see the time and some icons on the tablet but I can not use the touch screen because it does not work.
    I read that I can download drivers for touch touch screen and put them on. The problem is I do not know how, I could do with some guidance if anyone is willing to spare the time.
    For what it is worth I have noting to loose and I am prepared to try anything.
    Thanks Nige

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