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Discussion in 'Coby Generation 3' started by ExAmiga, Aug 21, 2012.

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    Coby 7 inch 4.0 Tablet
    Hi guys im completely new to all this. I was looking for an E-Reader but saw a tablet around the same price so I read up about them and plumped for a Coby.

    Not sure of the exact model but heres the spec sheet:-
    [h=1]Coby 7 inch Android 4.0 Tablet with 8GB Storage and HDMI Output[/h]Cortex A8 1.0GHz Processor:
    • 8GB Total Storage:
    • 1GB DDR3 Memory
    • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS
    • 7 inch LCD Screen with 800 x 480 Res
    • Responsive Capacitive touch Screen
    • One year warranty
    One thing I have noticed on reading further every one seems to go on about the Google apps store and that you have to hack the device to access it. IS IT REALLY NECESSARY AND IS IT WORTH THE RISK
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    Jun 16, 2012
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    Is it necessary? Not if all you intend on using it for is as an e-reader. The included Aldiko app works just fine for that. You can install the Amazon Appstore on the tablet if you want to expand the number of apps available to you and not root.

    Is it worth the risk? Only you can truly answer that. The best people can do here with such a question is to give their opinion. For instance, I believe the reward of being able to have access to the Play Store and the apps within it such as the apps produced by Google was worth the risk. The other reward of rooting was being able to back up my installation without requiring external programs, and that also is worth the risk.

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