Conflicting Memory Has Me Stalled

Discussion in 'Sylvania Tablets' started by Shades7, Feb 22, 2012.

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    I have the SYNET7LP model. If you look under Settings-SD card & device storage, it shows 1 GB of available internal storage BUT if you look under My Pad it shows Total: 0.0B, Free: 0.0B. Unfortunately the device refers only to My Pad when you try to download anything or make an upgrade. So basically, I can't do anything but surf.

    I've performed the factory reset under settings, privacy. I attempted to do the three finger factory reset for two days unsuccessfully. My hand and fingers are literally hurting. The device just ignores me. I put a pin in the reset on the top of the tablet. It was the equivalent of control-alt-delete in windows. I tried the reset where you let the white logo start, then press on/off and menu at the same time until you see the white instructional text. Nope.

    I manually uninstalled all aps I had previously installed. I am unable to reach any of the graphics or videos I downloaded. They don't exist even though one of them was on the wallpaper until I did the wipe through privacy.

    I'm fried and begging for help. I've searched the Internet with every phrasing I can think of.

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