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    Both of Cube U17GT and Galaxy Nexus come with an Android 4.0 operating system. As the consequence, many of the operations remain the same on these two devices. But Cube U17GT is under $200 while Galaxy Nexus is up to $450. What makes the difference? I’ll make a detailed comparison in appearance and configuration.

    Display comparison
    As we all know, Samsung got a 720P resolutions by adopting the Super AMOLED HD technology. The technology of Super AMOLED is vivid and bright. What’s more, Super AMOLED HD technology is auto-illumination which allows users view the tablet in any angle. As a mobile, I think 4.65 inch display is big enough and easy to handle by only one palm.
    Cube U17GT sports 7 inch AFFS display screen which also called Superior IPS display. The resolution of Cube U17GT is up to 1024*600 and the power consumption is much less than IPS display. Compared with other domestic IPS display, AFFS display is brighter and pure. On the other hand AFFS display would be weaker in the color contrast than IPS display. Same as other tablets from Cube, U17GT also have a 5 points capacitive touch screen.
    Both of Cube U17GT and Galaxy Nexus have a very outstanding display resolution, while during the test of internet surfing, I’ve found Galaxy Nexus has a better performance in resolution than Cube U17GT. What’s annoyed me is the size of the display of Galaxy Nexus, I’ve to be very careful to click the link as the display is too small to operate. But the display format for Galaxy Nexus is P while the display of Cube U17GT is RGB with 1024*600. I’d prefer latter one due to the practical and comfortable. Regarding the internet connection, to be frankly, Galaxy Nexus really leave me impressive experience. But Cube U17GT is very suitable for video play and online games due to the bigger size and excellent plateform.

    Online Video
    Talking about online video I’ve to say, both of them have their advantage that the other one can not replaced. For Galaxy Nexus, the color contrast of the device is great. So here I’d like to give you a tip for which you want to buy a Galaxy Nexus. Please do not increase the light rate of the color, especially when you playing the tablet under sunshine, or you will feel glare. For Cube U17GT, I think 7 inch display would be a very good option to play a film. And AFFS display do not have a sharp color, so it’s no need to worry about that your eyes will feel uncomfortable after watch the movie.

    Viewing angle comparison
    We know the Super AMOLED HD technology has automatic-illuminations which ensure a wide viewing angle. On the other hand, Cube U17GT comes with an AFFS display which also has an excellent performance in viewing angle.

    Functions comparison
    The best selling point of Cube U17GT would be the combination of tablet and mobile. Some tablets support WiFi but no text and phone call. Cube U17GT is a real tablet and mobile. I’ve tried to call the U17GT with Galaxy Nexus, and also call Galaxy Nexus with U17GT. And it’s very interesting to find that the views of calling and receiving are same as both of them adopt Android 4.0 system.

    Same as the phone call function, text is also available on Cube U17GT. So Cube U17GT is absolutely a mobile with 7 inch HD display and Android 4.0 operating system.

    I’d like to remind the buyers who are interested in Cube U17GT that this device do not support WCDM 3G sim card. It supports 2G card only. I’ve test the GPSR for both tablet, Cube U17GT does not have a speed internet surfing as Galaxy Nexus.

    There are few tablets which come with a Bluetooth function in Chinese android tablets. The file exchange of Galaxy Nexus and Cube U17GT were fast and efficient.

    Regarding the WiFi function, I am a little disappointed with Cube U17GT. Even I got a NETGEAR modem and the distance of the Cube U17GT and modem are three meters only, there is only 3 frame of signal. In spit of the better WiFi performance of Galaxy Nexus when compared to Cube U17GT, I still think Galaxy is not as good as other mobiles which are sold in the same price.

    The advantage of mobile tablet phone
    Forget the WiFi, Cube U17GT created a new area of Chinese branded tablet. Before U17GT, there is no other manufacture released a tablet mobile as the combination would be very complicated and need a lot of technology support. From the test we can find that Cube U17GT is totally a mobile. There are no any differences between Cube U17GT and other mobiles. It is portable and 7 inch display is great for playing games and watch movies.

    In the near future, there would be more and more tablet mobile in the market. The functions combination will become a new trend. Samsung did a great job in the exploring area and achieved a great progress during past years. If the price could be more reasonable as Cube U17GT, I think it would be perfect. More users can benefit from the improvement of technology, that’s the meaning of technology.

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