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Discussion in 'Android Tablet Hacking' started by dan776, Sep 19, 2011.

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    Hey all,

    I have a few questions about the first time process of flashing a custom ROM for the sole purpose of overclocking. (I am not rooted yet... overclocking is the one purpose that I can see to wanting to root.)

    1) Will Overclocking the unit decrease it's lifespan? At stock settings, I definitely feel a little heat after a lot of heavy use. Will the heat be warm enough overclocked in order to worry about lifespan?

    2) Battery Life. I have been known to use the unit to it's limits (in my view) for extended periods of time. Will that kind of use in an overclocked situation lead to frustratingly low battery life?

    3) What is the update process like when the developer updates his/her ROM? Is it a complete reflash, or a bit easier on the update side?

    4) Finally, will you be reflashing to stock to get 3.2, 4.0, etc? Or will you stick with your current ROM and wait for updates there? Do you see any reason at all to reflash to stock at any time during the lifespan of the unit (assuming no warranty needs)?

    Thanks! This is more of just a poll, just want to start a discussion with these points so I can make a more informed decision about custom ROMming with the sole purpose of overclock.

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