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    Hello All,
    I have to develop an Android accessory, using USB and I am totally new to the android world. I have read the usb accessory mode for android devices, I am ok with that.

    My question is which tablet (development board) I buy, on which I can run Android 3.1 platform and can install my test applications. I mean, I will be writing test application to test my accessory communication with tablet(development board).

    I did google, and looks like for all tablets I can download the apps using internet only, and for that I need to write a proper app, not a test app, and post in to market, not a good idea for test applications.

    so please help me to get my development running, I have the setup on the USB host side, I need a Android tablet(development board) on which Adroid 3.1 platform can run and also I must be able to download my test app to the table without going to Internet. I will be using elclipse with ADT plugin.

    thanks in advance,
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    Welcome. Currently the only tabs with 3.1 are the Xoom, Asus transformer, and Galaxy 10.1 tabs. I believe the update is rolling out for the Acer Iconia. I have a xoom and recommend it because it runs a pure google interface. Other devices have a manufacturer skin on them.

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