Do you want a tablet pc with a rather longer battery life

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    PiPO M3

    Pipo M8pro
    is coming with high configuration, RK3188 quad core program, I believe that it adds a powerful booster to quad-core tablet,
    let us also look forward to thin Pipo M8pro RK3188 will rub what kind of spark.
    Pipo M8pro is equipped with 9.4 inch screen and the resolution is 1280x800 that is very clear and colors are very good. Moreover, it also possesses a auto-focus 5MP camera that plays a great role in recording little things in the daily life and brings users happy every day. The biggest advantage is that Pipo M8pro is with RK3188! It is believed that M8pro will be more durable, stable and powerful, having a strong CPU!
    RK3188 firstly adopts 28-nanometer process technology that is the latest processor launched for the mobile market by Rockchip in 2013. The RK3188 has mature and stable framework, integrated quad core ARM
    Cortex-A9 CPU. GPU powerful quad-core ARM Mali-400, the highest CPU frequency is up to 1.8GHz, while the GPU frequency up to 533MHz. And embedded high-performance 2D acceleration hardware with High-Speed
    Inter-Chip high-speed communication interface, the perfect support ultra-high-definition resolution. It is a new generation of quad-core A9 processor with high performance, low power consumption!
    In addition, the Pipo M8pro also upgrade the firmware as the same as the interface of RK3188 quad-core tablet Pipo M9! The new interface is more colorful and practical; the conversion is smoother between interfaces.
    PIPO Technology has been attached great importance to the firmware update to allow users to enjoy faster and smoother tablet experience, the user can know the firmware state at any time through the official website
    or official Sina microblogging of PIPO.
    What the worth mention is the Pipo M8pro the new starter; UI interface is full of stylish cool modern colors that add a lot of visual fun.
    PIPO M8pro with RK3188 quad-core A9 program in the quad-core tablet is particularly dazzling; stylish color system UI brings users great visual experience; and the battery life is rather long, which make PIPO M8pro more
    suitable for consumers!

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