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Discussion in 'Samsung Based' started by magicx, Dec 10, 2011.

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    Haipad M7X, iPad2

    I bought this device last week: 7 inch Dual Camera Android 2.3 OS Tablet PC Built in 3G GPS and Bluetooth Module Samsung A8 PV210 1Ghz 512RAM Haipad M7X - China Electronics Wholesale - Consumer Electronics Gadgets Dropship From China
    Everything was working as expected, except the 3G module which I never managed to get working. I ended up having the suspicion that the antenna was very poor, making the device unable to reach any GSM networks. In my effort to resolve the issue, I wanted to upgrade to the latest firmware found here: HaiPad » Blog Archive » Haipad M7X Firmware Upgraded News - HaiPad Android Tablet PC - this now means that the device won't boot :/ I only see a Haipad logo which then goes away after about three seconds.

    I've asked Spemall for a link to the firmware by which the device was shipped with, but has not received any replies yet.

    Can any of you point me to a firmware which should work?
    I basically just unzipped (rar'ed) the files to an external SD card, put in the device and pressed power+menu to start the device. After a second it starts printing some text about upgrading - ends with "Upgrading file system..." and then just shows the HaiPad logo - it sounds correct to me?

    Thanks :) !

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