Firmware update for Bauhn AT-HK97

Discussion in 'Bauhn Tablets' started by Zutwak, May 27, 2014.

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    Bauhn AT-HK97
    Hi folks,

    As it says in the heading I'm looking for a firmware update for Bauhn AT-HK97 which I believe was released some time in Feb/March, primarily to update the storage partitions to allow the whole 16gb to be used for apps etc.

    The only official website link I've found is apparently now dead...

    Does anyone know a mirror or have the file they could throw up on a dropbox etc?

    Thank you!

    *** UPDATE ***
    Tempo Australia will send out an SD card containing the update if you call their helpdesk
    Anyone purchasing this tablet from Aldi should call them and arrange for this to be sent.
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