Official firmware & updates for Amid 971R and 972XS

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    Bauhn amid-917r + amid-972XS
    Hi everyone, firstly, this is not about upgrades to Jellybean or KitKat, just standard Bauhn supplied ICS.

    To make things easier for those with a bricked Bauhn tablet, I have uploaded official firmware and updates to needrom. I downloaded these from Tempo a long time ago. You will never get any support from Aldi or Bauhn. Tempo in Australia are the registered service agent for Aldi and did have the software on their FTP server but have long since removed the software for the 971R. They will probably remove the 972XS as well at some point, so, here are links to their software. This is just official software with minor updates from original (as per the update threads in this forum), I have not modified these files at all. They are both ICS. To my knowledge there is no CWM recovery or custom ROM made for these tablets.

    Please don't expect support from me for this, I have done this as a convenience for everyone. I no longer run the 972XS as my daughter broke it and the 971R is my wife's tablet. It rarely gets used and I don't frequent this forum, plus have NO plan to ever buy another tablet from Aldi.

    To download from Needrom, you must be registered there and logged in.

    ROM Aldi (Bauhn) tablet AMID ? 971R | [Official]-[Updated] add the 04/04/2014 on Needrom

    ROM Firmware and updates for (Bauhn) Amid 972XS (Aldi) tablet. | [Official]-[Updated] add the 04/04/2014 on Needrom
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