flytouch 3 model #, more I read more I am lost

Discussion in 'Gome Flytouch' started by lemmerdeur, Jul 23, 2011.

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    ZT-180, flytouch 3
    just purchased a Flytouch 3 and now I did a lot of reading. I discover that there were "real one" and clone.
    It say if the box say SuperPad lll it is a clone
    And if I understood correctly if the model # is Disco10 it is a real
    Now look at this link : Buy disco 10, flytouch 3, Tablet PC andriod 2.2 10 1G, Free Screen cover SuperPad3 10.2" iMap220 InfoTM ARM11 Android 2.2 512MB 4GB GPS Tablet pc Flytouch 3 Black Style Disco 10 at **************
    Is this a clone or a real Flytouch 3? The box read SuperPad lll and the model read Disco 10. The battery has no reading, just time of usage.
    Could this be an hybrid?

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